Hi, I'm Dan.
I turn ideas into reality.

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm very proud of all my work and am honoured to share it with you. As a marketing strategist at heart, I am equipped with a unique and diverse background in digital marketing strategy, data analytics, and brand development, gained both academically and within the workplace. I have led national marketing campaigns, developed and executed brand development and design projects and possess a creativity and innovation I've honed over many years of experience. I am fluent in graphic design (print and digital). I have +10 years experience with programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign and After Effects. From large corporations to startups to family-owned small businesses, I understand the dynamic needs of all types of clients in an ever-changing digital world. I strive to bring a personal touch to every client interaction and truly believe it's the combination of high-quality content and an attention to detail that creates a successful product.

I was born in Toronto, but my family moved to London, ON when I was young. I grew up in the Forest City all my life and attended Western University and Fanshawe College, where I studied Media Theory and Production as well as Television Broadcasting. This combination of theoretical knowledge paired with the hands-on, practical experience allowed me to truly excel when it came to dynamic media content. I knew not only how to make a beautiful product, but how to appeal to particular audiences, how to brand across a variety of platforms and how to utilize social media to expand the audience. A high-quality product is important, but if you don't understand your audience and don't utilize marketing strategies to ensure the right people are influenced by your product, it will not be as effective.

After graduating in 2010, I (naturally) spent all my money and backpacked Europe for 3 months with 3 of my best friends. It was one of the more influential times in my life, where I learned not only more about the world, but about myself and what I was capable of. It also solidified some incredible friendships that I am so grateful to maintain to this day.

Upon coming home with only $.3.13 in my bank account, I soon landed an internship at Alliance Films Inc. in Toronto (which soon became Entertainment One Films), where I eventually was hired on full-time as an In-Theatre Marketing Coordinator. I oversaw all theatrical marketing material, including movie posters, trailers and concession program initiatives, ensuring wide-spread exposure for our films. I learned a great deal about the film industry, why some films are successful and why some aren't, and honed my graphic design skills on several film creatives, including the Academy-Award nominated My Week With Marilyn and the Golden-Globe nominated The Intouchables. Due to company restructuring, however, I, along with many others, were let go, and was forced to see new opportunities. Though discouraged, I began to delve into freelance work and ended up doing a lot of creative marketing with a friend, all the while gaining a few of my own clients for graphic design work, media production, and post-production. I did this for about a year until an opportunity came along that I couldn't pass up...

I decided to put my freelance work on hold and was hired by Celebrity Cruises Inc.. I managed all digital marketing on board, and worked closely with the on board marketing team to ensure digital marketing strategies were both effective and in-line with the Celebrity Cruises brand standards. It was an amazing experience and fed into my love for travel perfectly. I've now been to over 40 countries around the world thanks to that job!

While it was a great experience, it was difficult to be away from friends and family for 6-7 months at a time...and my cabin was extremely small! I soon found a great job on land at The Minery Ltd. as a Project Manager, where I developed all e-learning materials for clients like Honda CAN, Acura US, and Acura CAN. I also oversaw the company’s online presence, including SEO, Google Analytics, social media outlets and ad campaigns. I gained a ton of experience in a variety of disciplines and am extremely grateful for the opportunities I was given there.

All the while, however, I began to get back into freelance creative marketing and graphic design work, and it quickly became clear to me that companies in London were yearning for high-quality content and brand strategy. Soon, I took the plunge and began my own company! Today, I am teamed up with Gotham Studios, where I work as a Project Manager and help multi-national clients including Aphria Inc., GoodLife Fitness, The City of Toronto, Western University, McCormick's Foods, and many more, bring their creative marketing ideas to life through high-quality visual content.

Let's chat about your next big project.